Major icon dump here guys, haha. I've been neglecting it lately and my photobucket is overflowing with pages of un-posted junk. :) So here you go. And I'll advertise/x-post later, I'm tired.

~ Harry Potter
~ Draco/Hermione (icons and manips)
~ Emma Watson
~ James Franco
~ Kirsten Dundst
~ Firefly
~ Buffy the Vampire Slayer
~ Skins
~ Stock

Warning: Image HEAVY!


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Profile Codes!

Hey guys, my first set of profile codes! :)
Here are a few simple Profile Codes I made. The first three are the same except with minor variations.


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Intense/Moody Dramione Icons and Manips!

Here are two new manips and a bunch of Dramione icons based off the ones I entered from the dmhg_icontest.

I won third place for this icon:
And third for this one, too, I believe:
And in a regular contest, I won FIRST for this:

Icons and Manips under the cut!

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